The Altar of Anger

I am going to make no bones about it, I can't stand a lot of things. I hate even more. I'm tired of playing nice. If you follow my other blogs, there's a bunch of blog networks I'm part of, this one is different. It's not going to be a play well with others blog. There's going to be a list of stuff that I want to get to. The whole point of this is to often take a contrary position, just to be contrary. If you don't get the joke inherent in the blog, then get the fuck out. I'm going to curse, and I'm going to possibly post naughty pictures, if I figure out how to do so without having to pay for them. I'm going to state the unpopular position, I'm going to be the asshole at the store, I'm going to be the nay-sayer, and I'm going to shine a light in the darkness of stuff people don't like or want to talk about. All in an effort to just start conversation. Hell, if you are paying attention, this is basically the same rant that I already posted in the 'About Baatezu's Advocate' section. However, there is a major difference. This page has a list of shit that I want to cause rage about. Now the key is to figure out what I actually support and which one I am actually just playing 'Baatezu's Advocate' for.

Altar of Anger Sacrifices:
Edition Wars
Racism (that's going to be interesting!)
Gamer Chicks
Power Spiral
History and the anachronistic approach to gaming
Beat Downs
Pole Arms
Old School Gaming
Being a Bastard
TPK (Total Party Kill)
Games Workshop
WAAC (Win At All Costs)

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