Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adieu AEDU!

Dear fucking god. It takes me a good long while to get riled up sometimes, and other times, it just bubbles up.

I want to get this shit off my chest. I hate 4th Ed, dear god, if you haven't figured that out by now, you are seriously in need of a lobotomy.

They released another playtest packet for D&D. This is the third, though it is more of a correction without corrections of the second packet. They decided to throw in the sorceror and warlock classes. Thus, yet another fucking debate over AEDU and Vancian casting.

Fuck AEDU, or At Will/Encounter/Daily/U-something powers. Seriously. This is D&D! Fourth Ed spoiled you people. You want all that, keep fucking buying Fourth Ed. Hell, buy MORE Fourth ed. That's the only way that its going to happen. The ship has fucking sailed. You missed the boat. Too many people fucking hate your ass.

Is WotC alienating some of its audience, fuck yeah. However, refer back to my previous point, THIS IS D&D. If you don't like Vancian casting, DON'T PLAY D&D! I can't say it enough, Fourth Ed is a fine game, BUT IT AIN'T D&D.

There are so many other fantasy games out there. If you don't like the way D&D does spells, play a different fucking game. There's no requirement to playing something else. Don't tell me that D&D is the only game out there. Don't even tell me its the only game that you can get your players to join in. Expand your mind a bit. Take another game out of the box and play.

Seriously, there's so many games, if this one pisses you off, go play them. I like D&D, which is why I didn't like 4th ed (not to mention that it was so damn difficult to homebrew anything).

AEDU is a fine way to do spells, but guess what, it ain't D&D. At the end of the day, that's what the Fourth Edition players don't get is that it strays too far from what everyone else wants. Let it go. I can say this because I have no money on it, but WotC does, so they can't say it.

So far, I've LIKED everything I've seen. That's weird for me. I don't like anything.

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