Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy Fuck! New Content! 40K 6th Ed & Rumors

So here I am, and yet again, I'm pissed as a wolverine on a three day bender. You want to know what I'm pissed off at? The same damn thing I'm always pissed at. GW. I mean, fuck GW. All over the blogosphere, I get rumors. More and more rumors.

Here's the thing that really fucking gets me going. GW has a nice little RSS, right? They've put up teasers. Useless teasers. I mean they are pretty pictures set some gothic-industrial psuedo-classical music. What the fuck? Seriously? Seriously GW? It's like the fan shit I find on youtube, just with digital paintings and specially written music instead of clips from Dawn of War and My Chemical Bromance (that's a thing, right?).

They have a captive audience, there's tons of people who are all out there blogging and talking on forums all about 6th Ed. Yet, what are they giving us? FUCKING MUSIC VIDEOS! Do these teasers get big clicks? Fuck yeah, that's cause we're all getting the 40K version of Rick-Rolled.  We all turn these things on to try to  see what rumors are true, or some more solid data then just the release date.

GW's lines of communication suck ass. The new edition which may or may not be coming out on 6/23/12 isn't even in the goddamn pre-orders or new releases section of the website. There's nothing there. For all we really know, that's the date that they are going to release actual information about the product. The thing is that if any other company in the world did this, they would be reamed to hell and back.

The whole thing comes back again and again to GW's communication. I'm not going to talk about what the rumors are, because those are rumors. Fuck rumors, until I get information straight from the horse's mouth, it's about as useful as a kitten. Great to look at, cute as all get out, but it ain't solving your mouse problem. GW needs to step up to the plate, and say 'Hey, this is the stuff we are going to be doing'. This is the stupidest thing ever. You don't see a movie trailer with just the name of the picture, you get the stars and a brief outline of what the movie is about, and maybe a funny or awesome scene in there. What you don't get is the title, some stills of the scenery, and the release date! That's not a fucking trailer, that's a fucking press release!

Seriously, if anyone else in the world pulled this shit they would get The Fist without lube. It's stuff like this that makes me not want to give GW anymore money. Here's the thing, I won't pay for their books anymore. I'm fucking done. I still love the models, but hell, that's me being a painter/converter more then anything else. I left 40K behind awhile ago, and I doubt that I'll get back. Could 6th edition bring me back into the fold? Possibly, however, as it stands right now, with a complete lack of real information, they are just loosing my money. Give me a reason to plunk down my cash GW. I'm not going to spend money on a product that I have no information on. Quit pussy-footing around, quit trying to protect your books from piracy, quite trying to have a veil of silence. GIVE ME FUCKING REAL INFORMATION!

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