Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mission Statement

This is going to be my blog for angry stuff, both things that make me angry, and things to make you angry.  Probably more of the later. I want my other blogs to be a happier place. This is going to be foul, vulgar, and undoubtably not-politically correct. The point of this blog is to make people think. Things will be discussed that are not for the faint of heart. I'm not trying to do this like a fourteen year old trolling the internet (although there probably will be times I come across like that), I want to use anger as a focus for thought. Why do these things make us angry? I like to argue. I don't like to back down. I tend to take the contrary position just to keep arguing. I enjoy a good argument. Just in case you are wondering, an argument is not name calling and going over the same points over and over again. It's intelligent discussion, but with passion. It's debate, stripped down and made to dance on a pole for money.

There will be no sacred cows, except for those that we slaughter up for sacrifice on the Altar of Anger.

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